miyavi make's you happy ?

cause he's a fucking samurai.
Miyavi is __________ ?

Miyavi is __________ ?

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  3. maria-riots-luddingmoved answered: a forbiddingly sexy rock god
  4. itsaphobsthing answered: the best.
  5. paola382ishikawa answered: A human that knows how to be a human
  6. deadballerinas answered: perfect.
  7. missrem-ains answered: friendly!
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  9. nutelle-ria answered: sexy
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  11. turquoisehairedhippie answered: a god
  12. randometicangelic answered: a God.
  13. sodadays answered: peeeerfect! *-*
  14. katgasmic answered: Miyavi
  15. ko-chichan answered: Miyavi is “hard to describe with just one word” XD
  16. shirochaan answered: Perfect *-*
  17. veryimportantdoll answered: .. very good at making me speechless. I can’t find words to describe this man.. :3
  18. stupidera answered: beautiful~ ♥♥
  19. gimme-right-meow answered: irresistible
  20. dosmin answered: Unique
  21. happymiyavi posted this
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